Dog Training Outdoor Activities in The Colony

There are no dog parks directly inside The Colony, but the best nearby include Ruff Range Frisco Dog ParkJack Carter Dog Park in Plano, and North Bark Dog Park in north Dallas. 

The Colony has developed a citywide Trails & Bikeways Master Plan to guide the implementation of a trail system throughout the community. Its trails link neighborhoods, tie into the Five Star Complex and Austin Ranch area, and run along the shoreline on Lewisville Lake. The city’s network of bicycle paths helped earn the community honorable mention recognition as a Bicycle Friendly Community from the League of American Cyclists in 2017. All trails are ADA compliant as well.

The Colony Shoreline Trail

Designed as an environmentally sensitive hike-and-bike trail, The Colony Shoreline Trail traverses through over 3 miles of undisturbed nature, starting at Stewart Creek Park and ending at Ridgepointe Park. The trail materials and routes were carefully selected to diminish their impact on the surrounding natural environment, thereby minimizing disturbance to the native vegetation and protecting large trees and wildlife habitat areas.

 The Tribute Shoreline Nature Trail

Designed as an environmentally sensitive hike-and-bike trail, The Tribute Shoreline Nature Trail traverses through almost 3 miles of undisturbed nature, including a scenic overlook of Lewisville Lake at the tip of the peninsula. The trail materials and routes were carefully selected to diminish their impact on the surrounding natural environment, thereby minimizing disturbance to the native vegetation, protecting large trees and wildlife habitat areas.

Hidden Cove Nature Trail

Located within Hidden Cove Park, the Hidden Cove Nature Trail meanders for 2.28 miles along Lewisville Lake in the southern portion of the 720-acre park.   The park includes both trail and beach access, where your dog can play as long as they are kept on a leash.  The park, however, is privately operated and requires an entrance fee to access. 

Lastly, the city boasts about 10 miles of on-and-off street trails along major thoroughfares including Main Street, North Colony Boulevard, South Colony Boulevard, and Memorial Drive. The trail along North Colony leading into Stewart Creek Park was recently extended across and along the adjacent roadway to reach the park’s new playground and basketball court. New trees have been planted along these trails, which will provide a canopy for the trail once they’ve grown in.

Dog Ownership Rules in The Colony

The Colony has specific ordinances related to animals. A person commits an offense if the keeping of any animal causes loud and unusual barking, howling or other noise that disturbs the peace and quiet of any person of ordinary sensibilities. A person who is disturbed by an animal may file a complaint with Animal Services. The owner will then be notified of the complaint, either in person or by mail, and given suggestions to keep the animal from disturbing the neighboring residences. 

Dogs are prohibited from running loose within city limits. Failure to keep the dog confined by a building, wall or fence of sufficient strength, height or construction to restrain the animal may result in the dog being impounded by Animal Services and/or the owner issued citations. All dogs are required to display a collar with rabies vaccination and city registration tags at all times.

A well-trained dog is a great family member for many reasons.  But in order to ensure your dog’s behavior complies with city ordinances, you need your dog to be properly trained.  Dog training takes time and proper guidance from REAL professionals.  Regularly receiving feedback from a trainer who is invested in you and your dog’s success makes the entire training process more efficient. Our dogs are family, so it’s vital to properly educate and communicate with them.

That’s where we can help!

Here at The Collar Club Academy, we have dog trainers who have been training in combined areas of expertise for over 60 years! We don’t believe dog training comes in a “one size fits all” format. While some dogs may have behavioral issues like aggression, other owners may need guidance on how to properly communicate loose leash walking. You want the best for your dog, and we do too! That’s why we take the time to get to know both you and your dog, so we can teach you how you and your dog can fit into one another’s lifestyle. 

One of our biggest goals is to make sure that after our training process, you walk away with a better understanding of your dog and their needs. Your eyes will be opened to a whole new world and a better understanding of your dog. We are proud to offer private training sessions in addition to comprehensive board and train programs that will properly train your dog in a relatively short period of time.  Professional dog training is required to address problem behaviors and encourage positive socialization.  Our facility is world-class and designed to cater to your dog’s training needs in the comfort of a home environment.

The Collar Club Academy offers a personalized approach to dog and puppy training. Our trainers will make sure they’re tailoring their training so it will fit you and your dog’s communication and personalities perfectly. Whether you are a senior citizen, looking to take dog sports to the next level, or someone who wants to simply enjoy life with their dog at home, we have you covered!

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